Million years on the dolomite market​
While evolution with immeasurable steps runs forward, there are things that do not change for millennia. The lifeless is immortal as a matter of principle.​
Kovrovsky Factory of extraction, processing and sale of dolomite​
ZKDM is a unique enterprise in this specific sphere in Russia. They have clients all over Russia and once they decided to enter the  foreign market as well. So, our challenge was to make a rebranding of the manufacturing enterprise, saving it’s brand name "ZKDM", with an orientation towards European markets.​
Brand Idea​
The plant produces prey of dolomite on one of the largest deposits in the Eastern Hemisphere and supplies it to the glass manufacturers of Russia and Europe.​
The abbreviation of the plant’s full name is kept in the transliteration of ZKDM, which indicates the international coverage of this brand. The extravagant concept of "ZKDM - a million years on the dolomite market" allows to form emotional feelings towards the brand in addition to rational, and also refers to the history of dolomite itself.

The site is made in a laconic, minimalist manner in the spirit of traditional European b2b-companies, long-standing on the market and proved to be a reliable partner.​
Shortly after the implementation of the concept of the brand, ZKDM was perceived by customers as a full name, and not an abbreviation.​

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