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Manufacturing and construction company
A real house and home is, of course, not just a roof over your head, hard ground under your feet and indestructible walls around. But without them, the house is not  the house.​
Manufacturing and construction company​
The Company is engaged in supply and installation of hinged ventilated facades, as well as floors and housetops. With the development of the company and it’s future plans, we encountered a number of rebranding tasks. Generally, we were expected to create more vivid and memorable image of a solid company for interaction with large real estate developers, including creation of a new brand name.​
Brand Idea​
Renewed positioning is based on the fact, that the company “keeps up the pulse”, it is always aware of new technologies emerging around the world. And right on this basis it provides comprehensive services to customers and builds stable relationships with partners. This is the positioning of an international player that works closely with foreign manufacturing companies.​
The old brand name “Building technologies” was not suitable for the client anymore, because it was widely used by competitors on domestic and international market. New brand name WRF represents the positioning of the client as an international company, and can be used both in Russia and abroad. New brand name is an abbreviation of the English words Wall, Roof and Floor and it emphasizes the areas of specialization of the company. Corporate style of WRF is designed in the classical business style. The shades of burgundy color reflect the solidity and maturity of the company.​
A unique hallmark consists of 3 elements - facets, embodying company’s
business lines: wall — roof — floor.​

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