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Vyisshaya Vlast'
Personal branding studio​
The world is built of atoms, each atom is a shell that protects the core, and a core that supports the life of the shell. The outer and the inner equally determine each other.
Vyisshaya Vlast’, personal branding studio​
VYISSHAYA VLAST’ in russian means “the supreme authority”. They faced the necessity of rebranding because of transition from the positioning of the "image studio" to positioning of the "personal branding studio". The purpose of the new brand image is to attract the attention of a more mature audience.​
Brand Idea​
The appearance of a person is the key, but not the only element of a personal brand. A form without content is of little value, as is content without form. Typically, personal branding services in the correct interpretation of this concept are provided by freelancers, but VYISSHAYA VLAST’ is a team of professionals of various profiles (stylists, psychologists, PR-specialists, etc.), which provides a comprehensive, even scientifically based approach to the formation of a personal brand.​
New logo in its outline resembles a personal signature,alluding at the company's personal approach to each client, and besides, a beautiful signature in the world of business people is considered an indicator of status and prestige. This logo harmoniously looks on the main corporate identity medias (letterhead, business cards, etc.) and also can be used on facsimile.

Bright colors of the old corporate identity (pink and light green) were transformed into calm pastel tones, which are closer to the "new" client of the company.

The task of updating the site, assigned by the customer, sounded like "To make it easy, spacious, closer to a person". Simple navigation and content, divided into visual and logical blocks with a lot of "air", makes the site convenient and understandable for the user.

The site provides the possibility of placing a large number of video content (presentations of services and specialists, training videos, etc.), in the production and promotion of which we also take an active part. Thus, the new website is not just a "business card" of the company, but it also serves an educational resource for personal branding.​
Many outstanding personalities were the possessors of outstanding signatures also: Pablo Picasso, Yuri Gagarin, Abraham Lincoln, Ray Charles, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Anna Akhmatova and many others.​