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Reliability, durability, safety​
The erection of walls is just as necessary as building bridges. However, new bridges are always talked and written about, but the walls are undeservedly deprived of attention.​

Wall panels manufacturer​
Develop a concept of the company's brand, aimed at a certain range of target audience and reflecting the nature of the product - wall panels. Create a corporate identity that is consistent with the spirit of the company. The brand should orient on the russian market​

Brand Idea​
The plant's products are oriented to the people who appreciate the quality of products. Reliability, durability and safety are the main values ​​that the company represents in its products.​

The name is formed by combining the words "wall" and "panel" in russian language (“stenovye paneli”).
Within the framework of the concept, the image of the company is a “reliable partner with a serious approach to work”.  Modesty and brevity of the brand logo allows to place it on any visual media.​

There is an association with russian name Stepan in the brand name. Stepan is like an old, reliable comrade for russian consumers.​