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Water is the basis of all things: the surface of the Earth is 70% covered with water, the human body consists of 70% water on average, and 70% of the daily ration should be a liquid. Water is what sustains life.​
Bath-and-recreation complex, offering a wide range of services for the body and soul: from exercisers and aerobics to massages and consultations with a nutritionist.​
A comprehensive rebranding of the company: updating the concept of positioning, new protected name and corporate identity.​
Brand Idea​
The main idea of the Center is the cleansing of the soul and body, relaxation and at the same time entertainment. These concepts make an association with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which were famous for their baths — the so-called "terms", which served the purposes both health improvement and leisure activities.​
The new brand name SPASSO can be viewed from two perspectives. Firstly, it explicitly includes the word SPA (from Latin "sanitas per aquam" - "health from water"), indicating the nature of the company's activities. Secondly, in modern Italian the word "spasso" means "entertainment", "pleasant pastime" and it coincides with the positioning of the Center.

The Spasso logo is made in mosaic technique and refers us to the origins of the cultures of Ancient Rome and Greece, where this technique was widely used in the decoration of premises. A jar (a symbol of spiritual triumph), from which water falls on a lotus flower (a symbol of spiritual and physical purity), complements the idea of the brand, making an association with antique vessels and amphorae.

The idea of the mosaic is preserved and developed in the corporate style and is used as a pattern in the design of the interiors.​
Mosaic is one of the oldest decorative and applied arts, its history goes back to the 4th millennium BC. In this technique the image is formed by arranging, tying and fixing of colored stones, smalt, ceramic tiles, colored glass and other materials on the plane.​