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In mathematics there are no likes and dislikes, first impressions and feelings. Mathematics is soulless and impartial, it is not subject to occasional emotional impulses. And that's why mathematics may become the most accurate predictor of the future.​
SiFox, IT-company​
The client is a long-standing IT-company with extensive customer base (from the 1990s). In conditions of changes in business environment, the company needed kind of renewal: rebranding with the preservation of the original name, updating the brand concept.​
Brand Idea​
SiFox is a company that develops and implements innovative IT-products based on Big Data Scoring technology. This activities are not tied to the time or place and, therefore, it has truly endless opportunities.​
The transliteration of the name (SiFox - Сайфокс) and the creation of two logos made the brand understandable both for the English-speaking and for the Russian-speaking audience. 

Neutral corporate style in gray tones, “dry” and laconic design and content correspond to the general nature of the company's activities, which works with Big Data and develops technological solutions for telecommunications and finance.

The horizontal continuous line used in the corporate  identity including website symbolizes the infinity of opportunities inherent in the idea of ​​an updated brand. The architecture of the brand is built in such a way that the subsidiaries take on the corporate identity of the parent brand, and the name SiFox / Сайфокс in its original shape becomes the definer in their logos. In addition, product pages on www.sifoxgroup.com look like separate sites.​
The dot placed in the logo above the letters "i" and "й" is one of the fundamental concepts of mathematics. It is an abstract object that does not have any measurable characteristics, except for coordinates. Just 2 numbers and nothing superfluous.​