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Microfinance organization​
Imagine a utopian situation: you met a person who doesn’t care what you look like, what you are wearing, what your mood is, what you eat, what you believe in, etc. What matters to him is what you have already done. Just a  fair cold calculation.​
Russian microfinance organization​
Develop a brand concept (including the name) for microfinance organization with a revolutionary service character.Firstly, the project entered the market not from the financial sphere, but from the IT-sphere. Secondly, the loan issuance service works only in online format on a specially developed algorithm for automatic evaluation of the credit history and credit rating of the borrower.

Brand is oriented only on russian market and the key messages should address to russian-speaking audience.
Brand Idea​
The automatic system of issuing loans completely excludes the so-called "human factor" from the chain of interactions between the borrower and the lender. Concept of positioning should focus precisely on this feature.

This is the brand of a high-tech company, without a human face, but the most understandable and easy for users of the service.​
The original brand name “РУББЕРИ” (pronounced as RUBBERI) is an understandable and transparent variation of the phrase "Take a ruble!" in russian language. There is a patriotic tune in this name. The letter P in the form of an official sign of the Russian ruble also emphasizes it.

The extended descriptor "the first Russian system of automatic issuance of online loans" is a brief description of the service with an emphasis on its main differences from analogs and, in addition, it is very convenient from the point of view of SEO-promotion of the site.

The corporate style used for the website and the materials for the partners, accentuates the unique nature of the RUBBERI services: a pattern that resembles a microchip; images of computers and smartphones on the background of site elements; interactive map of Russia on the first screen.

Stylistics resembles usual familiar landings, while simple navigation and the presence of helpful clues for users positively affects the usability of the site.​
The part of the brand name "BERI" seems to be something familiar due to the consonance with such famous brands as "Wildberries", "Burberry" and "Blackberry". Also the Russian-language spelling indicates that this is a domestic "product"​