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All this staff​
The piano keys remain keys without the piano, while the piano itself becomes a just a cumbersome box. But can a key without a piano create musical magic?​

Recruiting agency​
Complex rebranding project. Our challenge was to refresh the concept of positioning, including the development of a new brand name. The purpose of the new image is to create a positive perception of the brand by the target audience.​

Brand Idea​
A modern, dynamic, expert company in the field of recruitment for Russian and foreign enterprises.​
Creation in the minds of target audience the image of a universal recruitment agency of a wide profile. The prefix "Re" indicates a repeated, renewable, reproducible action, like regeneration, reconstruction, etc. “Kadro” comes from russian word “кадры”, meaning staff, employees.​

New logo of the company reflects the structural subordination, representing an abstract scheme of the organization and various relationships within it.​