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Trade automation equipment supplier​
Trade is one of the oldest activities of society, it takes its roots from the Stone Age. And like any other activity that has survived to this day, over times it has improved, changed and sought to minimize and facilitate the direct participation of a person in it.​
Infors Ltd, distributor of POS equipment​
Renewal of corporate identity, creating new brand name, designing and developing of a new site — an online-store both for wholesale and retail customers.​
Brand Idea​
Design and functionality of the online-store should demonstrate a fresh look at the business in such a highly specialized sphere. It even should set a new trend and thereby support the company’s leadership in the market. The visual concept is based on the idea of “site-showroom”.​
The new brand name NEVAPOS preserves the historical part of the company name — POS, and, at the same time, focuses on the local affiliation of the brand — St.Petersburg, Russia (Neva - is the river in Saint-Petersburg).

The renewed logo is laconic and strict, it includes the brand name itself and three coloured wavy lines, inherited from the previous corporate style.

Website design is based on the “pure-design” principle, it’s performed in a modest stylistics, which is conditioned by the specific parameters of target audience of the company. The site demonstrates the company as an integrated supplier of not only trade equipment, but also service of it’s installation and maintenance. It is transparent and usable for both wholesale and retail customers.​
Historically all cities were built along the rivers that played an exceptional role in trade organisation, being the only transport arteries. So, from the very beginning of economic development there is an inseverable relations between trade and rivers.​

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