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Oh, Theatre!
Theatre blog​
“Art is a need for man, like needs to eat and drink. The need for beauty and creativity, embodying it is inseparable from man. And without it the human, maybe, would not want to live in the world at all.” © Fyodor Dostoevsky​
Theater blogger​
To create a logo and brand style for a personal blog on the theatrical theme.​
Brand Idea​
In the abundance of supply in the market of  theatrical events, it is difficult to make a choice: viewers’ reviews on the Internet do not often give an understanding of the spectacle, while we just do not have much time to read professional critiques. A need of a good friend, whose recommendations can be trusted, appears. And this friend is “Oh, Theatre!”.

Specificity of the blog is in the manner of communication: a combination of the subjective opinion of the author and an objective analysis of the main aspects of the performance in a short but capacious format, so common to social networks users.​

The usual image of theatrical masks — Tragedy and Comedy, visualized in the style of Emoji —  was chosen as the basis for the logo. Firstly, such an embodiment indicates the theme of the blog. Secondly, it indicates the nature of the reviews: there are no exclusively positive or extremely negative ones.

Bubble from comics reflects the idea of brevity and briefness of opinion. The color scale, different from the "standard" theatrical colors - black, red and burgundy, emphasizes novelty and originality, while the chosen font hints at an informal style of narration and communication with the audience.

Elements of corporate identity for branded attributes, designed for both blog authors and its audience, were also developed within the project.​
Relating to the time of the days of ancient Greece, the Comedy / Tragedy masks played an important role in the development of the theatre. The masks helped the actors to play different roles in one performance and emphasize the emotions of their character, making it easier for themselves and for spectators sitting far from the stage.​