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Cloud telephony service​
At a time when the mobile phone ceases to be just a phone and acquires the functions of an organizer, camera, entertainment platform, TV and Internet device, few come back to the core with ideas for improving it.​
SiFoх, IT-company​
For a new IT-project of the client — a cloud telephony service for mobile devices OBLAFON, it was necessary to create a logo and corporate identity, as well as develop a design for a mobile application and a website.​
Brand Idea​
The OBLAFON mobile app allows you to use one more phone number in addition to the number of the standard mobile operator, on the same device. This service allows users to separate personal and working numbers, differentiate working numbers by city, etc.​
New logo is designed in a minimalist style and contains a recognizable image of the buttons of a regular phone, which causes the viewer to have unambiguous associations. We managed to avoid graphic "stamps" - images of the handset, as a symbol of telephony, or clouds, as references to technology.

Instead, the corporate style was based on "sunset" colors, a gradient flowing from purple to dark lilac that not only creates an association with the sky and clouds, but also forms a link with popular applications (Instagram, for instance).

The logo is versatile, is easily combined with a large range of colors, which gives more opportunities for customization of the app.

The site of the project was originally developed as a business card, information site. The user is invited to subscribe to news, to track the progress of the project and to be the first who gets to know about the launch and testing of the application.

In the future, at the stage of launch and active promotion, the configuration of the site will easily be rebuilt for the specific needs.​

The first devices, technologically similar to what we call the "phone" appeared in the 1860s. For a long time they operated on an almost unchanging principle: they transmitted the tone of music and voice through the wires. In 1950, thanks to Styure Laugen, the wires disappeared from the information transmission chain - that is how the development of cellular mobile connection began.​