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Нео Авто // Neo Auto​
Auto services provider​
Everyone who does not have a car wants to buy it. Everyone who has a car dreams of selling it. And he does not do it just because if he sells, he will have no car at all. © "Beware of the car!", USSR comedy film​
Нео Авто // Neo Auto , provider of a complex of auto services, Russia​
Create a capacious and understandable image of the company that causes respect from the target audience. To reflect the whole range of services of the company in its visual image.​
Brand Idea​
Neo Auto is positioned as a large company that provides comprehensive support to motorists - registration, insurance, parking, evacuation, purchase and sale. Different services are provided by the company's separate units.​
The basis of Neo Auto's style was the Möbius band, designed as a road.The Möbius band traditionally symbolizes infinity or permanence. The short, but capacious names of the divisions developed by us ("Защита/ Protection", "Охран//Security", "Спас//Insurance", "Торг//Purchase") in combination with the name Neo Auto give the client a clear idea of ​​the scope of the company's competence.

Each Neo Auto division has its own color, which simplifies a number of actions of the client (for example, searching for the desired business card). Color differences show the presence of a certain structure within the company.​
Mystics call the Möbius band a symbol of the dual perception of the one. Möbius band seems to speak of interpenetration, interconnectedness and infinity of everything in our world.​