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Housebuilding company​
The tree for years absorbs the strength of the earth and the warmth of the sun. Similarly, the family - the genealogical tree, is based on the experience of the ancestors and energy of the descendants.​
Russian housebuilding company​
The challenge concerns the development of the client’s company on russian market. The client wanted to unite three brands under a single brand and therefore to strengthen own position on the russian market of suburban construction.​
Brand Idea​
The company LivinWood is positioned as a construction company focused on people for whom the family is one of the main values. This positioning is associated with the fact that a country house is an ideal place for uniting and rallying the whole family. From this thought the mission of the company also proceeds: "To help people, to take care of their loved ones, creating a connection of generations". The main values ​​of the brand are family, health, culture and nature.​
Elements of the brand identity of LivinWood - goals, mission, values, individuality and the concept of positioning, are formulated in brand book.

The original brand name of LivinWood literally means "live in a tree", because the company specializes in the construction of suburban houses from wood and takes care of the quality and environmental friendliness of housing. The name is supported by the definer "Designing. Manufacturing. Building" for a clearer understanding of the company's business.

The trademark, made in the form of a tree crown, resembles the roof of a house. The visual image is dominated by the natural color of green foliage.​
LivinWood is not only "live in wood" - to live in a tree, but also  "living wood" as a living tree. It creates an association with the pure nature and the union of a human with it.​