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The kidstar brand
When we were kids, we could not do only three things: to touch the floor between two armchairs because of lava over there; to step on the joints of stone pavement slabs and to put out a foot from under a blanket on pleasure to a monster under the bed. All the rest in the kids’ world was possible.
Leo, children’s clothes manufacturer​
Update the visual image of the brand. Actually it means to create an image that corresponds to the mood of modern young parents who want to give their baby the best.​
Brand Idea​
Children learn the world through fairy-tale images created by their fantasy and imagination. Brightness and colors of this "child" world are not at all the same as in the "adult" world. This is a real magical country - the country of LEO.​
The main colors of the pattern are intentionally unnatural and very contrasting, they convey the mood of fairy-tale. These colors can be seen in a child's dream. New visual image shows the saturation and difference of the child's perception of the surrounding world. The descriptor "Kidstar brand" supports each parent's confidence that his child is a star.​
Children love coloring books and color pencils precisely because they can choose colors for their own world.​