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Natural, tasty, with love!​
Fast food, speed-reading, speed-dating, fast life. No time to stop moving and enjoy the moment. No desire to spend time on it. However, do not neglect the content for the sake of form optimization.​
Freshkins, sandwiches & salads stores​
We were asked to create a new brand of fast food, which is tasty and saves time and money. With this brand we should have demonstrate that the products at fast food restaurants could be fresh and healthy. Also it was important to create conditions for increasing brand awareness in Volgograd region (Russia).​
Brand Idea​
FRESHKINS is a new age fastfood. The age when a person starts to think about what he is eating. Here you can eat quickly and inexpensively, but at the same time consume fresh and healthy food. FRESHKINS restaurants are designed for people who prefer active life, free from bad habits.​
The brand name with the word “fresh” in it reflects the key idea of the brand — freshness of the products.

The idea of the sign is a green leaf, a spoon, a smile. It is also a symbol of freshness, naturalness and optimism. The main colors are natural shades of green — a reference to nature and ecology.

New image conjures an association with optimistic energy and healthy lifestyle.​

In psychology, green is a symbol of life, harmony, unity of people and nature. It helps to be closer to each other, gives self-esteem, firmness, naturalness, justice, develops willpower and permanence.Green color (the color of grass, plants) also soothes the nervous system.