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For those who are on the go​
Travel is not just a relocation from point A to point B, it is the way. The way is the movement and the movement needs fuel, which it is better to stock up in advance.​ ​
Snacks manufacturer​
To create a memorable youth-oriented brand image of new snacks.​
Brand Idea​
“Finkis” is a new philosophy of life.”We do not just create advanced food products, we unite around ourselves modern and energetic people who are in step with the times”. FINKIS — for those who are always on the go.​
Memorable playful name. FIN is the result, the final, the end, the goal, the essence. KIS means small in size or number. It is also reminds the word “kiss” like tenderness and light touch. Using of Speech balloon in corporate style makes the communication with consumer quite informal and creates an image of the “best friend of youth”. Original packaging is designed with author's drawings by illustrator Alexandra Slovic.​
Speech Balloon is a graphical tool used mainly in comics to illustrate the speech or thoughts of a character. In the western graphic art inscriptions with this function are known from the 13th century. Bubbles with words began to appear in prints of the 18th century. With the development of the comic book industry in the 20th century, the appearance of the bubbles took standardized appearance, although their differences in cultures can be seen even today.​