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Festina Lente
Hasten slowly​
Food is one of the natural sources of human energy. Junk food is therefore harmful because it takes more energy than it gives. Healthy food is a portion of vital substances and a charge of vivacity when this is especially necessary.​
Food manufacturer​
Creating a brand of "ready-made meals": sandwiches, hamburgers, sandwiches and salads.​
Brand Idea​
The products are intended for modern people: for those who, despite limited time, do not allow themselves to eat unhealthy food. "Festina Lente" is an opportunity to eat deliciously and quickly, but not to the detriment of health.​
Festina Lente (“Hurry slowly” in latin) urges the buyer even on the run to think about his health and the usefulness of those products that he eats. The key idea is quite simple: "Festina Lente" offers natural handmade sandwiches. No chemical additives and preservatives. Only fresh sandwiches, which are prepared in the morning of each day.

“It’s that tasty, but more useful”​
The logo is based on two letters "F" (festine) and "L" (lente). Their combination forms a stylized sign "pacifier" - a symbol of freedom and peace.​