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Empire of knives
Knife Company​
The instincts of the hunter and the getter can not be hidden behind elegant suites , nor expensive car, nor laptop screens. Human nature always stretches to the nature of the world, and the true freedom lies in this unity.​
The Company is the largest distributor of сutlery by russian and foreign manufacturers. It works with brands like Victorinox, Tramontina, S.O.G., Claude Dozorme, Cold Steel, etc.​
To create a new corporate style for the specific target audience — “neo-nomads”. These are hunters, fishermen, tourists and sportsmen. These are people who travel and explore.​
Brand Idea​
The sign is based on the shield and crossed spears. Shield is the symbol of protection, shield and sword — symbol of solar disk and rays. In pagan religion a special cult shield was revered as a sacred sign of divine protection.​

Spear is a sacred symbol of power. It is one of the symbols of the world axis and also emblems masculinity.  The shield and spears together signify the defence of Freedom.​
Style is quite ascetic. It’s conditioned by the inner attitude to world of a man. Of a man, living in a harmony with the Nature. Of a man, giving preference to spiritual goods, not material ones.​
EMPIRE in translation from Latin language means “power” (imperium). Brand name is a kind of reference to the depths of the history of empires: Genghis Khan, Roman, British, Russian, Japanese, Inca Empire …​

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