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Elena Siroejkina
Fashion designer​
Beauty is fleeting, and fashion changes with the speed of light. And only flowers with tremendous power save the world, regardless of the seasons and the change of popular trends.​
Fashion designer​
Develop a corporate identity, including a logo, that would be associated with a person, but with no clear reference to a narrow sphere of clothing design, "with an eye" for the future.​
Brand Idea​
Elena Siroejkina is a designer with grandiose plans that sometimes go ahead of her. Getting place under the sun in the field of fashionable clothes, she aspires to expand the field and scope of her creative activity in the near future.​
As a  key image for the logo was chosen dandelion: externally white and fluffy plant, which spreads its seeds around the world with the wind, grows there and gives new fruitage. The versatility of the logo does not tie it to a specific area and allows to use it for a wide variety of projects. In the framework of this project we also made the design of business cards, labels and branded labels as well as a layout of the advertising module for the magazine.​
Blooming dandelion in popular beliefs symbolizes the power of sun and light. It is considered a flower of fidelity, happiness.​