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Chain stores of premium footwear​
Good shoes can drastically change the fate. The story of Cinderella is just an additional proof of it. However, a splendid glass slipper is not the most practical solution, after all it is necessary to reach the ball somehow.​
Chain stores of premium footwear​
The client’s company was about to enter the market, and we needed to create an attractive image for them, designed for a sophisticated audience, combining the features of the premium style and the individuality that distinguishes the brand from its competitors.​
Brand Idea​
Premium-class stores usually offer either women's or men's shoes, while Day&Opera are  the shops for those, who love not only themselves, but also their families.​
The brand name represents the the breadth of the range offered. “We wanted the buyer to understand that here he would find both casual shoes and shoes for special occasions, such as visiting an opera or reception with the Queen.” The logo consists of a branded inscription and a sign, representing a stylized symbol of “ampersand” in italics.​
Ampersand is the name of well-known “&”-sign. Usually it means “and”. Initially, the sign was used in Latin as an abbreviated form of the standard expression “et cetera”.​

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