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Center for the development of contemporary art​
As hydrogen and oxygen in their proper combination form the life-giving water, and different kinds of art, interlacing with each other, create new forms and essences.​
Contemporary Center, theater and choreography center​
Inspirers and leaders of the center developed a unique methodology of working with actors and dancers and wanted to extend their activities and projects abroad. So they faced with the need to create a new brand image and develop a concept of positioning on the international level of presence.​
Brand Idea​
“Contemporary Center” has 2 main types of activities.

     1. Staging of dramatic-plastique performances, understandable to viewers from any country.
     2. Unique technique of working with an artist, aimed at developing their own character of the movement on the stage.

Actually, it is the new form of art: the synthesis of drama, dance, psychology, poetry, music, photography, painting, design etc.
The brand name “Contemporary.Theater” is not only about contemporary or modern theater itself. It is also a reference to the two basics of the project — Contemporary (dance style) and the Theater. The logo is just 2 capital letters of the brand name — C and T. It depicts a ballet dancer with a handrail, while unstrictness of outline and free form of lines are associated with a new, more liberal view on this art.​
CT when pronouncing reminds the word “city”, reflecting the dynamics, rhythm and diversity of life in any megalopolis.​