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Party Bus​
Scientists of one well-known country have determined: on average, people spend from 20 to 50 minutes on the road to the club and as many on the way back. But if the party starts right on the road, it will allow you to remain in idle spree up to two hours longer.​
Transportation company​
The client is located in a small town in Russia. Our challenge was to create a vivid and memorable image of a brand new service in this location and to cause the curiosity of the audience because of the appearance of an unusual bus on the streets.​

Brand Idea​
A “mobile party” for this region is an unusual service. That’s why with the visual image we were trying, first of all, to attract attention to a new brand. Party-bus is designed for those who know how to have fun, enjoy life and hang out. That is why we’ve chosen a chili pepper for a logo: it is appropriate and understandable.​
Main color of bus is red. There is an association: red — hot — chilli. We’ve displayed this image in the brand name and in the design concept.

The name is combined with the titles of a hot pepper and a vehicle carrying a cheerful party on board. Logo is a chili pepper made from multicolored stripes, symbolizing the roads of a megacity, highlighted by night neon.​

​The name of pepper is consonant with the name of the country of Chile, but it comes from the "chilli" of the Aztec languages and is translated as "red". Red pepper contains vitamins C and A, vitamins of the B-group are also rich in potassium, magnesium and iron.​