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Handmade artistic knives​
Only alone with Nature, face-to-face, you can truly know yourself. The real yourself. Feel your weakness in front of the Nature and the power it gives to your at the same time.​
Basko Ltd, knives manufacturer
We needed to change totally the positioning and brand attributes. Actually, it was about creating a new clear brand image, focusing on the uniqueness of product: each knife is produced manually.​
Brand Idea​
BASKo is a company, focused on not the consumer, but on the true connoisseur. Every knife of BASKo brand is a physical embodiment of the character and values of it’s holder. The products of the brand symbolize the harmony of modern human with nature. The BASKo knife holder is the person, who manages to overcome not only stormy information flows of present society, but also can wade through mountain rivers.​
The visual image of the company is based on the motives used to incrust the knives. Company logo is made in black and white, the element under the last letter repeats the shape of the blade when viewed in full face. The color palette is monochrome: black, white and grey. This color solution, firstly, matches original colors of images printed manually on blades. Secondly, it symbolizes monumentality and solidity. The website performs both image and information resource functions. Usable and easy navigation allows the user to get acquainted with the history of the company and its products. The site design is implemented in accordance with the renewed concept of visual image. (www.baskoart.ru)​
The knife always carried in itself not only purely practical significance, but also a certain sacred meaning. For many centuries the knife was considered a magic weapon, a symbol of protection, a talisman.​

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