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Jewelry company​
The cherry on the cake is essentially of no practical use, but without it the picture for some reason seems unfinished, whether it is a classic biscuit or a fashionable cupcake.​
Balex, Jewelry manufacturer and seller​
To create a new image of the brand, which should emphasize the youth-oriented character of the brand. Key words to new style are laconism and modernity.​
Brand Idea​
BALEX is quite serious, but a bit playful, modern, laconic, self-sufficient, self-conscious brand. We decided to use the image of a successful, elegant person. Man and woman. In business suit or evening dress.

Because these ornaments can be worn both day and night.​
Logo redesign.  Corporate color implementation: a special shade of pink, which became part of the brand. Balex is a modern classic that never goes out of style. It is the combination of "yesterday" and "tomorrow”.​
Elegant also means “refined”, “graceful”. It is a category expressing civilized beauty with a conservative reference to the classics. Elegance is characterized by noble simplicity, calmness, relaxation, austerity and smoothness.​