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Arena Hotel
Hotel on the island​
In a relationship with the World, it does not matter what you have, what is much more important is what you can give to it.​
Hotel in Saint-Petersburg​
The hotel is quite small and it is located in a not very touristic place, but right behind the big sports arena. The infrastructure there is not very developed, popular touristic destinations are quite far. Our task was to develop the concept of a brand of this hotel keeping in mind the idea, that this is actually a good place for accommodation of audience of sports events in the Sibur Arena complex (sportsmen, spectators, journalists, etc.).​
Brand Idea​
Arena Hotel is located in the epicenter of sports events and within walking distance of the best locations of Krestovsky Island.​
The design concept is made in bright colors and consists of colorful details to make the visual image of the hotel more noticeable. The logo uses an art deco style font that refers to the popular fashion trend in the United States in the 1920s.

The concept of positioning was originally implemented using the site: thanks to the info about all restaurants, bars, parks and entertainment on it, the hotel artificially filled with communications and infrastructure, which gives it an additional attractiveness in the eyes of potential guests.​
The word ARENA comes from the latin “arena” - sand, sandy area. The first arenas appeared in Ancient Rome. It was a round or oval sand-strewn area in the center of the amphitheater of the spectacular building, where gladiator fights and equestrian competitions took place.​