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Software country
All the achievements of science, technology and artificial intelligence would have been impossible without such a modest element as Man.​
Arcadia, software developer
The company has long existed on the market without clear image and positioning. Once they faced the need of rebranding and sent request to our office. So, we were asked to develop a new corporate style and "ennoble" the visual representation of a large company taking into account the tendencies of the international IT-services market.​
Brand Idea​
Arkadia is one of the largest companies in the field of software development with a very large staff. This allows to provide IT-outsource services both on the own enterprise and on the customer’s premises. It is the real Software Country.  ​
We developed a modern corporate style, which allowed to bring the chaos of the visual image of the company (from the site and logo to the dress code of employees and forms) to a general appearance. For the purposes of design of brand book, website, printing products in a new style, photo sessions have been organized and held.

The new logo symbolizes the community, a group of people, the collectivity — the resource Arcadia is proud of.​
In addition, there is the letter “i” in the logo, meaning Intellect, IT, Information, Idea.​

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