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Manufacturer of protective constructions​
Security is a basic human need. Since ancient times people learnt to strengthen and protect the entrance to their homes. Well, the times of caves and huts have long been in the past, however, a quiet sleep still remains a pledge of productive cheerfulness and a long life.​
Aluguard Ltd, manufacturer of protective constructions​
Client’s company is engaged in manufacturing, sales and installation of roller shutters and automatic gates. Our challenge was to develop a concept of a brand, representing a international company. Specificity was in the necessity to create an image of large foreign brand for russian customers.​
Brand Idea​
What is really important is what is happening now. What will provide your sleep with peace and quiet, will make a good tomorrow. We do not claim to "fashionable" technologies of the future, we are talking about the present, about what is really important today for you and your loved ones. ALUGUARD — protective constructions of the NOW.​
The key idea of the brand is reflected, first of all, in the slogan - "protective constructions of now". The logo is a shield assembled from separate elements of the shutter and it demonstrates both the product itself and the main value — protection and security. 

There is an association with smth heroic, even super heroic: behind the external severity and rigidity of what the company does, it’s clients find ease and calm. Logo is combined and versatile, it can be successfully used in any configuration and any language.
Guard means also “defence”, “defender”. “Alu” is a reference to aluminium — the main material used in the company's products.​

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