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Adam Jeans
Fashion Store​
Human is an entity who invented medicine and art. Human is an entity who invented wars and weapon. Human is an entity who always makes a choice between Good and Evil, good and bad. Human is an entity who decides who he should be.​
Fashion store​
The main difficulty client faced is the fact, that the store is located in a place of limited pedestrian accessibility. So, our challenge was to attract attention to a new fashion store and we started from developing  a concept of positioning and corporate style.
Brand Idea​
It is believed that modern mass culture promotes values ​​that have nothing in common with what was considered righteous for more than two millennia. In many ways there is a substitution of values and, as a result, people are confused about what is good, and what is bad. This trend does not bypass the sphere of fashion.

The creators of "AdamJeans" are sure that it is possible to be stylish and modern, to remain "in a trend", to wear fashionable clothes and at the same time to remain a Human with a capital letter. In addition, it is necessary to set the right priorities when buying clothes, because the high price and excessively bright labels do not always beautify the buyer.​
The name "AdamJeans" dates us back to to religious history: the first people Adam and Eve, the same as you and I, were also the first sinners, they symbolize the Fall. Adam did not keep track of Eve, and she tore off the forbidden fruit-the apple that they ate together. Modern Adam has a choice: to go with the flow, being in captivity of mass culture, or to remain faithful to himself, to live with dignity. He stands at a crossroads, and this idea is reflected in the brand name.

The slogan "Jeans for sinners" reflects the idea of ​​a universal lapse from virtue, because everybody sins. But not everyone thinks about it, not everyone realizes it.

The graphic logo symbolizes the same as the name: the halo above is a symbol of the righteous path, and the pit below is a symbol of the sinful path. Everyone chooses his own way. Graphical interpretation of this idea is intended to attract the viewer's attention at first sight.

Within the framework of the shocking concept of the brand, a graphic concept was also created. I is used in interior decoration of the store, advertising materials and other corporate style media. It embodies the images of 7 deadly sins: pride, anger, greed, lust, gluttony, envy and despondency.​
Images of deadly sins are often found in works of art: The Divine Comedy of Dante, "The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things" by Hieronymus Bosch, George Glover etchings, etc.​